Turntable with Flywheel


The Analogue Source


The most important part in a playback system is the source. Firstly, we invented our air bearing linear tracking tone arm. Since we are very familiar with the pros and cons of air bearings we looked a bit ahead and started to develop the Air Reference Turntable.
    One of the main problems of vinyl playback is how to achieve a steady rotation without adding any mechanical noise from the bearing assembly or the motor drive.
    We knew that belt driven turntables have benefits but there are also shortcomings in the suspension of standard designs.
    To suit our linear tracking arm we looked into a steady support chassi.
    Already from the beginning we knew that we wanted the best possible support in a bearing Air.


The first two chassis designs have won several prestigious awards around the world.
    To further improve the steady rotation and isolate the motor vibrations we invented our patented Air Reference Flywheel.
    Of course we are using air bearing in the support of the heavy platter.


   Today we still produce the combination of air bearings and linear tracking arm which has been improved continuously over the years.
    An investment in a first class vinyl turntable is still a first class choice among many audiophiles despite the many new technologies that have passed by over the last years.